Geraldine Chaplin as her own grandmother, hugging Robert Downey Jr as her father, Charlie Chaplin.

Geraldine Chaplin as her own grandmother, hugging Robert Downey Jr as her fatherCharlie Chaplin.

Robert Downey Jr

“One of the emotional high points of the film, the reunion scene between Charlie and his mother Hannah, played by Charlie’s actress daughter Geraldine Chaplin, you know It was our first meeting, but all I needed for the content of that scene was to look into her eyes because they were the “Chaplin eyes”.

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In memory of Sir Richard Samuel Attenborough, Baron Attenborough, CBE  who died at the age of 90, August 24th, 5 days from his 91st.

I have come to the conclusion, he did the best he could with “Chaplin” - Charlie Chaplin led a long, full and eventful life, with so many chapters, difficult to condense to 2 hours and 20 minutes. Criticized for many parts in the film, myself included, Richard Attenborough said in a later interview “I Wish I Could Do it Again”

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Geraldine Chaplin’s thoughts on Robert Downey Jr.

I have to tell you: I had never, ever dreamed that anybody could convince me that they were Daddy. But that young man was Daddy. I don’t think that any actor could do what Robert did. It was as if my father came down from Heaven and inhabited him and possessed him for the length of the movie. He is so gorgeous, which is appropriate because my father was a beautiful man too. He’s heartbreaking and he has my father’s sense of melancholy. The first time I met him as the Little Tramp I hugged him and he hugged me, and there I was with my father as a young man in my arms.” - Geraldine Chaplin on Robert Downey Jr as her father Charlie Chaplin

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